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soup restaurant

Our origins may be traced back to 1991 when our first outlet was established in Smith Street. Our founders, Mok Yip Peng, Wong Wei Teck, Wong Chi Keong and Ho Hong Chin observed a surge in the popularity of Herbal Soups in Hong Kong, with the emergence of restaurants specialising in Herbal Soups. Inspired by this development, our founders were of the view that there would be a demand in Singapore for Herbal Soups and home-cooked dishes, especially by young professionals with limited access to home-cooked food.

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Teahouse by soup restaurant

During the 1950-70s, there were many renown teahouses in Chinatown. Back then enjoying a hot soup with couple of dim sum dishes was a daily habit for folks of Chinatown. At TEAHOUSE by SOUP RESTAURANT, we serve a variety of Nanyang flavour Dim Sum, such as "4 Beauties", "Ma Jie Chives Dumplings" and more.


Enliven the Chinatown teahouse dining culture with us at TEAHOUSE by SOUP RESTAURANT.

TEAHOUSE by SOUP RESTAURANT is now at IMM (#01-101B) and Century Square (#01-20).

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Marble Surface

Our CAFE O concept is conceived to be a showcase of Singapore's unique coffee shop culture whereby all locals will find comfort & familiarity with - think "kopi O, teh tarik, roti prata...".


The proposed design concept for CAFE O is based on a reinterpretation of the traditional Singapore coffee shops of days gone by. Customers can expect to enjoy his kopi-siew-tai & half boiled eggs while seated on traditional coffee shop timber chairs or 1950's style formica bench over mosaic tiled floor.

If customers find the blue striped apron on CAFE O's staff familiar, we can understand as kopi uncles of good old days used to wear pyjama pants, with the same fabric, to work. Similarly, CAFE O has adopted blue as our corporate colour as our silent salute to these kopi uncles as well as to signify the continuation of a Singapore coffee shop tradition...

CAFE O aspires to be a truly unique concept to showcase Singapore's unique multi-racial culture & most importantly for all Singaporeans & visitors to enjoy.

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Cafe O

pOT lUCK by
soup restaurant

POT LUCK is a new restaurant concept by

Soup Restaurant Group Limited that offers

home-style zichar dishes in claypots in a nostalgic setting that will bring you back to the Singapore of the 1960s.


Walk down the memory lane and bask under neon lights mimicking Singapore Chinatown's back alley while enjoying our signature dishes such as Kahwin Curry Fish Head, Petai with Ikan Bilis, Vermicelli Prawns and more.

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A paradise for dim sum lovers, Little Teahouse is a quick-serve concept that doles out a wide repertoire of handmade dim sum. A spinoff of Soup Restaurant, the restaurant has come up with speciality dishes such as Samsui Ginger Chicken Bao, a reimagination of the classic dish. Besides dim sum, Little Teahouse also boasts traditional dishes such as chee cheong fun, congee, noodles and steamed rice.

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