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Our CAFE O concept is conceived to be a showcase of Singapore's unique coffee shop culture whereby all locals will find comfort & familiarity with - think "kopi O, teh tarik, roti prata..."

However, from the signage for CAFE O, you can tell that our concept is different from any other brand in the market as it is specially designed to depict the name of the brand in the four national languages of Singapore - Chinese, English, Malay & Tamil. By doing so, CAFE O wishes to embrace all the four races & also to signify the unique cultural melting pot of the four races living in harmony in Singapore.

The proposed design concept for CAFE O is based on a reinterpretation of the traditional Singapore coffee shops of days gone by. Customers can expect to enjoy his kopi-siew-tai & half boiled eggs while seated on traditional coffee shop timber chairs or 1950's style formica bench over mosaic tiled floor.

Metal grille handrails with different infill motifs closely relating to the four races are added to enhance the muti-racial focus. Similarly, the cafe is decorated with different forms & colours of pendant lamps for the same effect. Old picture frames & photos of Singapore families & everyday activities are also displayed to add a nostalgic feel as well as to allow customers to have a glimpse of our past.

If customers find the blue striped apron on CAFE O's staff familiar, we can understand as kopi uncles of good old days used to wear pyjama pants, with the same fabric, to work. Similarly, CAFE O has adopted blue as our corporate colour as our silent salute to these kopi uncles as well as to signify the continuation of a Singapore coffee shop tradition...

CAFE O aspires to be a truly unique concept to showcase Singapore's unique multi-racial culture & most importantly for all Singaporeans & visitors to enjoy.